Are You Ready For Your Healthiest Year Ever!

Hi guys!
Are you ready for your healthiest year ever?
I know that I sure am, and it all starts TODAY!!
Tomorrow we’ll kick off the 90 Days to Your Healthiest Year Ever by developing our SMART goals – I don’t believe in resolutions because they lack an action plan, but I am all in favour of goal setting. None of us are perfect (not even me) and setting goals is a great way to improve.

In my post tomorrow I’ll introduce you to SMART goal setting and will also share a goal setting worksheet with you. As we start the New Year, I’d like you to think about your 3 goals that you’d like to accomplish this year – they can either be worked on concurrently, or consecutively. (HINT: mine are consecutive goals that build on each other).
All the best in Health and Fitness
~ Sue
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