Tuesday's Tips - Benefits of Adding Dairy to Your Diet

If you’re on a mission to lose weight quickly, you might think that all dairy from your diet should get the boot. Dairy products are often cut out of the diets of many as people believe that they’re too high in fat and calories to be included.

While certain dairy products definitely do belong on the ‘diet don’t’ list, there are a number of reasons why you should include dairy on your plan if you make a smart selection.

Let’s have a closer look at why dairy might just be the secret to fat loss that you’ve been searching for.

Dairy Provides Protein
The most important nutrient that you should be eating when on a fat loss diet is protein yet this is the one that far too many people fail to get enough of. 

Whether you simply don’t like the taste of meat based protein or you just can’t seem to find a time to prepare numerous breasts of chicken or lean beef throughout the day, dairy makes achieving your needs easy.

A glass of skim milk will provide almost 10 grams of protein and a half cup of cottage cheese 16-20 depending on the variety.

Dairy Keeps You Satisfied
The next reason to consider adding dairy to your diet is because it keeps you satisfied. If you’ve ever felt hungry on your diet before, you know that as soon as it hits, all bets go out the window in terms of sticking with your diet.

Constant hunger is one of the major issues that so many dieters struggle with and dairy can help solve this. The form of protein found in dairy products is referred to as casein protein, which digests more slowly and releases amino acids over time.

What does this mean for you? Lower hunger levels after you consume it. Add a little healthy fats to your dairy products and you won’t feel hunger for hours.

Dairy Helps Enhance Stomach Fat Loss
Another great thing about dairy is that it can actually promote greater rates of fat loss, especially from the abdominal region. Dieters who consume more calcium in their diet tend to notice improved weight loss results and this is only amplified when the calcium comes directly from dairy.

One study published in the Obesity Research journal noted that those eating a high calcium diet lost 38% more total body fat and those eating a high dairy diet lost 64% more fat overall.

So as you can see, the facts are clear. Adding more dairy products to your diet is a great way to boost your chances of success and get the lean body you desire. When selecting the dairy to add into your plan, try and choose the lowest fat varieties available such as skim milk, 1% cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or low fat hard cheeses. 

Avoid dairy products such as full fat cream, full fat cheese, ice cream, or cream cheese as these will contain saturated fat and a very high number of calories, taking away from the fat loss results you see.

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~ Sue
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