How I Lost 2.3kg In 1 Week

Today I want to share with you my personal testimonial, and my journey so far.

I have been a Yo-Yo dieter for many years and never
truly stuck to a weight loss program for any length of time as they were too hard, too expensive or they made me sick until now. 

The Vitamark Appetizer Diet® Shakes and Cookies are so easy to do and I have been doing it now for eight months. In my first 30 days I lost 14 lbs and kept it off, but then I hit a plateau.

While we were on the convention cruise I had the opportunity to speak with Cynthia Breed and Liz Schreiter about why my weight had stayed the same, and they both said the same thing – that I was not eating enough and I needed to add more calories to my diet as I was starving myself.

Then we had Tom introduce the magic scales – and it scared me. True age 44, body age 73 and 52% body fat. So I knew I had to get serious not just for my sake but for my families sake.

When Vitamark introduced the new Shrink Team Challenge Brochure “You’ve Weighed In, Now What?” I started to add the VitaMarin and the C-Lipid to my daily routine. The month before this I only managed a weight loss around 1kg, so by the end of the first week of taking VitaMarin and C-Lipid,  I had lost 2.3kg.  The only thing I had done different was introduce these 2 extra products to my diet.

In 3 weeks my total weight loss has been 4.5kg (10 pounds) and still coming off.

Sue Douglas
Mt. Gambier, SA, Australia



All the best in Health and Fitness
~ Sue

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