Fitness Friday - How To Get Fit And Stick With It

Consistency is critical to the success of any exercise program. If you don't stick with it, you will never realise the many benefits that come with being physically active.

Here are some fitness tips to help get you off the sofa or away from the computer long enough to give your body the workout it needs to stay fit and healthy.

Get Out Of Your Rut - If your exercise routine feels stale, take a look at how you can change things. Maybe you have been ignoring a whole range of exercises and equipment - from free weights to rowing machines - that could help stimulate your muscles and kick-start your cardiovascular system.

Meet With A Personal Trainer - A qualified trainer will challenge you to try new things, make sure that your exercises are safe and effective, and help to motivate you into action.

Publicise Your Plans - Tell friends and family that you are going to exercise regularly. Then put the plan in writing, specifying how often you are going to exercise. Make it a long-term plan in order for the routine to become habit.

Reward Yourself - Set goals along the way and reward yourself as they are accomplished. If you lose 5kg, buy yourself a new shirt. And if you jog 10km, schedule a pampering massage. If you don't meet a goal, determine a consequence for failing - such as no desserts for a week.

Do It With A Mate - Get a mate to exercise with you. Exercising with someone else is much more fun than doing it by yourself.

Skip The Excuses - Don't say you haven't time to exercise. Once you see how many hours you spend sitting at your desk, working out how to fit in time for fitness, even if it is just a 15-minute walk, becomes easy.

Be Realistic - Don't set insurmountable goals like having a model's figure or winning a marathon, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Create realistic goals and be satisfied with the knowledge that the benefits come with time.

All the best in Health and Fitness
~ Sue

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