The 80/20 Diet Rule

If you apply this principle to weight loss, it necessitates doing only those things which will give you the BEST results. 

So, you have to do only those 20% exercises which give you 80% of all your results. 

You have to cut down on that 20% of food that results in 80% of your fat.

Once you do that, it will become very easy to lose weight.

Let’s use the 80/20 rule and decide to eliminate that 20% food from your overall diet that will help in 80% reduction of your weight. 

OK – now let this sink-in: if you want a healthy body, you just need to concentrate on reducing or completely eliminating the following items from your diet …

The 20% of foods that are 80% responsible for your weight problems are …

• Flour 
• Sugar
• Salt
• Alcohol

That’s not complicated is it? It is also not a lot to remember. But this is powerful because if you can just work on cutting-down or eliminating these foods from your diet, you will have no problems with weight at all.

Foods that contain added sugar and refined flour, quite simply, are nutrient-poor. Foods that contain whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre (fiber). So avoid foods containing these things - especially cakes, pastries, biscuits etc – which contain both!

How to Cut-Down - Let’s Consider Sugar as an Example

If you’ve been eating sugar (in any of its forms) since childhood, it’s nearly impossible to stop eating it - tomorrow!

What you have to do is cut down your daily sugar intake by small amounts. For example, if you take a total of 5 cups of sugary drinks per day (tea, coffee, sodas etc), you could begin by moving that total down to, say 4 or even 3 cups. That way, you won’t feel the ‘pain’ of having to do without it and still be able to control yourself. After a couple of weeks, you can cut it down to just 2 cups.

Better still, try to learn to take those drinks without sugar or perhaps try replacing them (or some of them) with herbal drinks that do not contain sugar. Just cut-down; you don’t need to cut them out completely.

Really? Yes!

It’s easy. Isn’t it? 

The goal is to make small changes that will bring in huge results – that’s the 80/20 principle at work - and that’s how you have to proceed. We’re not cutting out everything. Rather, we’re cutting-out, or down, on only that small number of items that are responsible for generating a lot of fat in the body - or don’t give it a chance to burn body fat.

What I now want to share with you is how you can get even quicker results by combining exercise.
Exercise is as important for your body as is a healthy and balanced diet. I can’t emphasize it enough – exercise is a fantastic accelerator for losing weight and keeping your body healthy.
Are you ready?

Then let’s begin.

It does not matter too-much exactly what type of physical exercise you perform – playing sport, gardening, performing house-hold tasks – absolutely all forms of exercise are beneficial to a certain extent.

You should aim to exercise two or three times per week; doing sessions of 20 to 30 minutes minimum of aerobic exercise. This really is very little time to invest to reap the associated positive health benefits.

Easy Ways of Taking Aerobic Exercise 

• Walking (at a reasonable pace)
• Jogging
• Riding a Bike
• Dancing
• Swimming

The best piece of advice you can get here is this – listen carefully – find something that you really enjoy, that is also aerobic by nature. If you enjoy doing it, you will be much more likely to continue and get it into your lifestyle; and that should be your intention. Conversely, if you choose to do something you don’t enjoy, it will become a chore; and eventually, you will give it up.

Here’s to a Healthier & Slimmer You!

What my 1200 Calorie Diet looks like

Breakfast – 280

Lunch – 310

Snacks – 300

Dinner – 290

Supper (I normally just have a cup of green tea, but will have a piece of fruit if my numbers are low)